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Download: KaraokeMost students who drink want to get buzzed.

Low Risk Guidelines:
  • 0-2 Drinks Daily
  • 0-3 Not Daily
  • No more than 1 per hour

1 drink is:

  • 1 12oz Beer
  • 4-5 oz Wine
  • 1.5 oz Shot or Mixed Drink
  • Food based mixers lead to less impairment

Download: BarThe Effects of Alcohol

Up to 3 drinks/hr (up to .10% BAC) lowered inhibitions, slowed reaction time, impaired judgment
From 4 to 11 drinks/hr (.11 to .30% BAC) often loud, aggressive, obnoxious; slurring of speech, confusion
From 7 to >13 drinks/hr (.31 to .50% BAC) disorientation, stuporous, circulation stops, death
Download: Couch

Sexual Consequences of Drinking

  • Engaging in sexual activities that are contrary to one's VALUES
  • Impotence in males
  • Contracting sexually transmitted infections
  • Unplanned/unintended PREGNANCY
  • Sexual assault

Protect Yourself: Know the Law

  • It is illegal for persons of any age to possess an open container of beer, wine, liquor, or mixed beverages in any public place. A public place is any area where you can enter freely. 
  • Your party may be declared a nuisance if a police Download: Outsideofficer and his/her supervisor witnesses at least four separate instances of criminal violation.
  • If your party is declared a nuisance a police officer may shut it down, and cite the party's host with a minor misdemeanor, which results in a $150 fine.
  • A keg on the front porch, open containers, cars or people blocking sidewalks or excessive trash call attention to your party and is more likely to result in police intervention.
  • If you are arrested and found guilty of breaking any of these laws, you may be sentenced to up to six months in jail, and/or receive a fine of up to $1000!!!

Beyond the Buzz

Download: Dancing(Negative Consequences of High-Risk Drinking)

Social Consequences of Drinking

  • loss of self-respect
  • driving under the influence
  • relationship problems
  • personality changes
  • aggression/violent behavior
  • mood swings
  • sexual assault
  • paranoia
  • poor decision making
  • depression Download: Draw
  • impaired judgment
  • arrests
  • alcoholism
  • financial problems

Physical Consequences of Drinking

  • vomiting
  • passing out
  • blackouts
  • accidents and injuries
  • alcohol poisoning

Download: PukeSigns of Alcohol Poisoning

  • The individual has difficulty breathing.
  • The individual is passed out or stuporous.
  • The individual appears to be dehydrated or have a bluish tint of the lips and fingernails.
  • The individual is vomiting while "sleeping" or passed out.

Numbers to call:

  • OU Campus Safety - 911 or 593-1911
  • SEOEMS (Ambulance) - 800-282-7777
  • Athens Police - 911 or 593.6606

Download: Arrest 


If you are under 21 you will face university judicial charges if you are caught...
...drinking underage
...having alcoholic beverages in your room/mod/residence hall
...being in a room/mod where alcoholic beverages are being consumed.

Download: Dorm OutYou may face a fine of $1,000 and/or 6 months in jail...

...if you are caught using or having a fake id to enter a bar or buy alcohol.

Remember if you are under the age of 21, it is illegal to consume alcohol.

Department of Heath Education and Wellness
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Ohio University
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