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After 'The Buzz Contest' was announced with a goal of developing videos on low-risk drinking, 17 concepts were submitted to the competition. More than 200 students chose the five best concepts of those entries. The five spots were produced by students and all five concept finalists won $500 in gift certificates to local merchants.

The final five were posted online and voted on by Ohio University students. With 753 votes cast, the spot entitled “Beer” came in first, with 215 votes. “You Can’t Change the Past” placed second with 172 votes. Ohio University congratulates and thanks all who participated in the contest.
BeerTitle: Beer
Concept: Alex Stothfang and Mark Potoka
Produced, directed, shot, and edited by: Alex Stothfang and Mark Potoka
Music: Alex Stothfang
The BuzzmanTitle: The Buzzman
Concept: Candace Bates, Katie Keehner, Josh Sorden, and Pam Wise
Producers: Katie Keehner and Candace Bates
Director: Pam Wise
Shot and edited by: Josh Sorden and Pam Wise
Music: Josh Sorden

Can't Change the PastTitle: You Can't Change the Past
Concept: Erin Bishop
Writer: Erin Bishop

Producers: Scott Ivers and Jake Blumenau
Director: Scott Ivers
Director of Photography: Tyler Andrews
Editor: Scott Ivers


Past the BuzzTitle: Past the Buzz
Concept: Matt McManus and Billy Radin

Producer: Matt McManus
Director: Billy Radin
Videographer/Editor: Matt McManus
Music: Michael Roberts


Stop at the BuzzTitle: Stop at the Buzz
Concept: Lindsay Arnett, Kaan Gencer, Katie Szantho and Maureen Woods
Produced, directed and edited by: Daryl Royer

Here's the Buzz
By Susan Green

High-risk drinking is among the most serious problems on college campuses today. Not only does it interfere with the mission of higher education, it can result in injury and death.

Harvard University’s School of Public Health found that of the 120 campuses it surveyed four times between 1994 and 2001, more than 50 percent of men and 40 percent of women indulge in high-risk drinking. Among their reasons, students cited a desire to get drunk and a campus culture of alcohol consumption.

Although Ohio University may have a “culture of consumption,” it is serious about changing the conditions that shape that environment.

The Buzz Contest, a campuswide competition to create concepts for television and public service announcement, builds on a peer-to-peer approach. The winning concepts will be produced by the students or with assistance from University Communications and Marketing and will appear on CATVision and local cable TV.

When talking with students about their drinking habits, Char Kopchick, director of Health Education and Wellness, finds that most students drink to "get a buzz," so she focuses on minimizing the consequences that result from going beyond the buzz.

"A significant number of incoming students already have established high-risk drinking patterns," Kopchick says. "And in order for them to change their behavior, we need to meet them where they're at so they can make low-risk decisions. We've had a good student response to this approach."

Senior Anthony Ranalli, who works for Kopchick as a peer educator, is well-versed on the topic. He appeared before University Judiciaries four times as a freshman for bringing beer into his residence hall and was on the verge of being suspended.

"I've had my fair share of stories where I had too much to drink and did stupid things," he says. "Being involved with Health Education and Wellness taught me about growing up, respecting myself and taking responsibility for my actions."

To illustrate its support for civic responsibility for education, The Ohio University Foundation Board of Trustees provided $10,000 for the contest. In addition, four alumni who serve on the board, Pat Campbell, James Daley, Wilfred Konneker and Frank Krasovec, each committed $1,000. The funds support contest marketing, production of the top five PSAs and prizes for the winners.

As part of the Stop at the Buzz, a separate video is being produced to inform alumni of campus efforts to reduce high-risk drinking and the role they can play in that cause.
The Buzz Contest was made possible with the generous financial contributions of:

University Courtyard

-Frank Krasovec, BBA ’65, MBA ’66
-Will Konneker, BS ’43, MS ’47
-Charles Stuckey, BSME ’66
-James Daley, BBA ’63
-J. Patrick Campbell, BGS ’71
Department of Heath Education and Wellness
Hudson Health Center, Room 233
Ohio University
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