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Gcinile Shongwe

Gcinile Shongwe

What is your hometown? 

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and grew up in Athens, Ohio.

When did you start your college search?

I began my college search during my junior year of high school.

How did you find Ohio University?

Since moving to Athens at age seven, I became familiar with OHIO.

What do you remember from your college visit?

I never took an official tour because I have always interacted with campus spaces.

Why did you choose Ohio University?

I chose Ohio University after participating in the Junior Executive Business Program, led by Ms. Beatrice Selotlegeng and learned about the different majors in the College of Business and how they aligned with my interest. I’ve always appreciated Ohio University’s beautiful campus and knew that I’d be a Bobcat.

The College of Business and Athens

What are you studying? How did you come to that?

I am pursuing Marketing and Business Analytics majors, a dance minor, and a Consumer Research Certificate. I chose my marketing major after completing the Introduction to Marketing Management Cluster course with Professor Tom Marchese. He spoke of his time working in the industry with such enthusiasm that inspired me. Marketing fascinates me because it holds great influence in building a recognizable brand and establishing meaningful connections. I chose business analytics because understanding the story that data demonstrates is important in any field. During Cluster, I also learned about how the consumer’s pull in decision-making and discovered my passion for understanding consumer behavior. This led me to add the Consumer Research Certificate. Because I began dancing at age 5, studying dance at the collegiate level was destined to happen.

How else are you involved on campus?

I am involved in the College of Business Honors Program, Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, OHIO Women in Business, Black Student Business Caucus, and a research fellow in the Ohio University Center for Consumer Research and Analytics. I also serve as a peer pathways coach in the College of Business’ Career & Student Success Center.

What is your graduation year? What do you want to do after graduation?

I will graduate in May 2022 and hope to explore market research, consumer research, or advertising opportunities before earning my MBA.

What is your favorite thing about Athens, Ohio?

I love the local restaurants! Casa Nueva, Bagel Street Deli, O’Betty’s Red Hot, Village Bakery, and Jackie O’s are some of my favorite places to enjoy meals with friends.

Personality Questions

Would you rather have a rewind button or a pause button on your life, why?

I would rather have a pause button to elongate my most cheerful moments.

If you could live in any sitcom, which one would it be and why?

That’s So Raven. It was one of the earlier children’s TV shows that depicted a typical black family and addressed the complexities of race, class, and gender.

If you can instantly become an expert in something, what would it be?

Architecture and interior design. I appreciate design aesthetics and the planning and creativity behind it.

If you could visit any place in the world where would it be and why?

I would love to visit Fiji to go island hopping, paddle boarding, and enjoy hiking in the national parks.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

I can’t live without my planner and lip balm.

What TV show would you guest star in?

Grey’s Anatomy! 

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