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Brendan Lowe

Brendan Lowe, College of Business student ambassador

What is your hometown?

I am from Pittsburgh, PA, but lived in Houston, TX, before that and was born in Orlando, FL.

When did you start your college search?

I started looking around end of junior year and the summer going into senior year. I wasn’t in that much of a hurry to make a selection, as I was much more focused on making the right decision and seeing all of my options.

How did you find Ohio University?

I found OHIO through my mom, actually. She would not stop pestering me about applying here, and being set on going to the University of Dayton, I wasn’t interested in filling out any more applications. I also had my eyes set on the University of Kentucky and Ohio State, but I liked Dayton the most. I applied to make her happy, and it ended up being the best decision I ever made. I came to OHIO after touring Dayton and instantly fell in love with the campus and academic programs. I was particularly interested in the College of Business, which seemed very promising. We had a family friend that was a senior here, so after my tour she showed me around a little more, and I will never forget the feeling of relief I got whenever we were just walking around campus. I knew I had found my home for the next four years.

What do you remember from your college visit?

I remember walking across College Green and how it felt like everything I expected college to be. From the green space to the bricks, I was instantly able to picture myself living here.

Why did you choose Ohio University?

I chose OHIO because I felt like it set me up for future success more than other schools. When you go to a school bigger than OHIO, you miss out on some of the professor and classmate relationships that you experience at a school the size of OHIO.

The College of Business and Athens

What are you studying? How did you come to that?

I am majoring in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics with a certificate in Strategic Leadership through the Walter Center. I originally came in freshman year Business Undecided, but I quickly heard about MIS and decided that it would be a perfect fit for me. After taking QBA 1720, I discovered that I enjoyed business analytics and picked up a second major. After completing the majority of the coursework for both of those majors, I wanted to grow my leadership skills more and acquired a certificate in strategic leadership.

Reflect on your Cluster experience.

Cluster was something that everyone hyped up to be the worst semester of college due to the overwhelming amount of work that comes with it. In my experience, it was quite the opposite, as it was my best semester of college not only grade wise, but experience wise. I learned how to work on high-level projects with diverse teams when given little to no instruction, which forced each team member to harness their problem-solving abilities. I look back on my cluster experience very fondly.

How else are you involved on campus?

I am a member of the Presidential Leadership Society, which allows me to work with University Leadership to attend donor events and thank donors for their contributions. I am also a GCP Ambassador, which allows me to share my study abroad experiences with students who are thinking about studying abroad. Finally, I am a member of ISAP, an MIS/Analytics group that brings in different companies weekly to talk about internships and full-time positions.

What is your graduation year? What do you want to do after graduation?

I sadly graduate May of 2022. I hope to receive a full time offer from the firm I interned with this summer, which would allow me to pursue a career in consulting for technology risk.

Share about your advisor? Your Career Coach?

My advisor, Jen Washko, has always done a great job helping me decide what my next steps should be as far as courses go. She helped me decide on the Strategic Leadership certificate, which I am really excited for.

What’s a classroom lesson that has stuck with you?

In the Cluster MIS class, I really focused on professor relationships and networking in that regard, which I think helped my grades in the end as well as created several references for organizations that have helped me achieve the involvement I have today.

Favorite campus landmark? Place to study? Place to eat? Coffee?

Like I said earlier, I love College Green, but my very favorite place to walk through is West Green because of the memories I get from freshman year. I love studying in the CoLab on the third floor of the library because it is bright, often has free food or coffee, and reminds me of freshman year and Cluster! As for coffee, though I love all of the options we have here in Athens, I have to say Donkey is my favorite. The quality of the coffee is great, and the ambience is next level.

What is your favorite thing about Athens, Ohio?

My favorite thing about Athens is actually what I thought would be my least favorite thing about going here, which is the seclusion. I like the college town feeling and the prominence of local businesses that make it a unique and tightly knit community.

Personality Questions

If you had shadow one person for an entire month, who would it be?

Probably Mark Zuckerberg because he is not human and a month would provide ample time for me to prove it.

Would you rather have a rewind button or a pause button on your life, why?

I would rather have a rewind button because I miss freshman year so much and would do anything to return to those much simpler times.

If you could live in any sitcom, which one would it be and why?

Curb Your Enthusiasm because I would be rich and could get in fights with Larry David about nonsense all the time.

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be?

Larry David, Future, and Dave Chapelle.

If you can instantly become an expert in something, what would it be?

Electric cars so I could be the next Elon Musk.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?

I want to go to Italy to have authentic Italian food.

Favorite season and why?

Fall because the leaves change, and the heat relents a little bit. It also ushers in a new school year, which is exciting!

Favorite genre of music?

I would say Hip-Hop.

Favorite music artist?

Easily Juice WRLD.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

I know this is basic, but my phone is like an extension of me at this point.

Do you have a celebrity look alike?

According to several people I look like Bradley Cooper, which is very flattering. That’s exactly how I would describe myself too.

What TV show would you guest star in?

Spongebob. Not even as a voice actor, just myself. That would be revolutionary.

What are your hobbies?

I like to work out, golf, play football, and hang out with friends.

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