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Leadership Development


Explore our leadership development offerings to discover the right program for you.


    Essentials of Supervision

    Learn and apply foundational leadership skills to become a strong front-line supervisor. Our program leverages multiple assessments to identity and address personal communication, coaching, conflict, and leadership styles. You will have the opportunity to understand and develop personal leadership competencies through group discussions and exercises.


    Who should attend: Front-line managers and supervisors 


    Delivery Format: Delivered over two days with in-person sessions


    Intergenerational Management

    The face of the workforce is changing, with the Millennial generation quickly entering the workforce, business is dealing with a broad mix of generational challenges. Intergenerational Management focuses on the demographic changes appearing within the workforce and introduces strategies to help you better recruit, train, coach, motivate and manage across generations. 


    Who should attend: 

    • Front-line and mid-level managers
    • Senior leaders seeking a deeper understanding of their multi-generational teams
    • Human resources professionals responsible for recruitment, retention, and learning & development programs


    Delivery Format: Customized delivery options are available including full-day, half-day, and keynote in-person sessions


    Managing Change for Breakthrough Results

    The world is changing, innovation is occurring at a breakneck pace forcing you to begin thinking beyond small process improvements to something larger, how do you reach a breakthrough result? Two key hurdles must be overcome: identifying the strategic vision of the goal/change and then successfully executing on that vision. 


    Who should attend:

    • People managers tasked with change management and/or innovation projects
    • Senior leaders pursuing major change initiatives and goals


    Delivery Format: Customized delivery options include full-day, half-day, and keynote in-person sessions