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Programs Built for Business

Our customized programs are developed to fit your unique situation to teach employees critical skills. 

Experience Built for You

Every organization is different, and we bring the content and expertise of our faculty to create an experience customized to your unique needs. Our customization process is broken down into three phases: model, map, and deliver. Through a series of stakeholder interviews and discussions, we create an agenda that maps directly to your most pressing priorities. It is often the same faculty delivering the sessions who worked to customize it for you, resulting in a highly relevant and engaging experience for your participants.


Customization Process

Our customization process is broken down into three phases: model, map, and deliver. This process ensures we provide you with the most applicable program that is built specifically for your organization.


We begin every customized learning engagement by understanding your organization’s goals and context. We interview key stakeholders along with expected participants to understand the current state of your organization. We take this research and share it with you so, together, we understand and model the ideal state of your organization. This phase creates a foundation that we build upon to ensure our programs remain highly applicable and cover the topics that matter most to you.


Our faculty take the insights we gained from modelling the current and future states of your organization to identify the gaps that must be closed to bring lasting change. From there, our faculty team maps out a curriculum that is specifically designed to address each gap. We review the finalized program with you and your team to discuss our strategies in meeting your goals. Once the program is finalized, we launch a pre-program assessment to measure from where the organization as a whole is starting.


Finally, we bring in our master facilitators, who are often the same experts who designed the program, to deliver the sessions to your participants. This can be completed in your facility or in one of our campuses across Ohio. We focus our delivery around bringing participants highly engaging sessions that make use of personal self-assessments, role-plays, group discussions, case studies, and more. Depending on the program and your goals, we then begin delivering additional follow-up sessions, webinars, coaching, and of course the post-program assessment. After completing the post-assessment, we will analyze the change within your organization to determine our program’s true ROI.

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