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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops

College of Business Internal Workshops

Diversity and Inclusion: Introduction

  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity. In today’s world, these terms are used to describe communities, people, and today's evolving world. But what do these terms really mean? What are the origins of these concepts? How are these concepts rooted in social justice? This workshop provides an introduction to these concepts through interactive activities and interpersonal dialogue.
  • Key concepts: diversity, inclusion, equity, cultural competence

Diversity and Inclusion: Intersectionality

  • Today diversity means more than just acknowledging differences, but it also reflects on the various dimensions of diversity within individuals. But, how do our dimensions shift our interests, responses, and overall thoughts? This workshop will cover the topic of intersectionality and cultural competence to help audiences become more aware of themselves and others.
  • Key concepts: intersectionality, imposter syndrome, Kymberly Crenshaw

Diversity and Inclusion: Implicit Bias

  • Participants will begin to understand concepts of bias that are demonstrated both consciously and subconsciously. Additionally, participants will also actively review and identify how social constructs interact with individual perceptions and social interactions.
  • Key concepts: bias, perception, identity development

Diversity and Inclusion: Difficult Dialogues

  • Communication regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion is often challenging for some students to engage in. This workshop will review various tools and skills that individuals and organizations can prioritize to assist in handling difficult dialogues on both historical and current events.
  • Key Concepts: active listening, affirmation, and community norms

Diversity and Inclusion: Creating Inclusive Spaces

  • Inclusive spaces are difficult to create and even harder to maintain. This workshop will provide assessment tools and tips to assure that community spaces (student organizations, study groups, etc.) continue to be inclusive of all individuals with differences.
  • Key concepts: inclusion, segregation, and equity

Campus Partner Workshops

Diversity in the Business World

  • Identifying the positive impact that diversity has on their workforce, many companies have begun the process of recruiting and providing resources for diverse candidates. This video will provide information on the various resources and efforts that today’s companies promote for their diverse workforce (and why it makes good business sense).
  • Key concepts: diversity, inclusion, recruitment 

Do I fit? Diversity and Business Schools

  • As more and more diverse students further their education, many students from different backgrounds will seek out admission into various business schools. But are business schools ready for diverse student populations from various communities, states, and countries? This video looks at the positive impact that diverse students have on business schools and efforts to identify the academic and interpersonal needs of diverse students.
  • Key concepts: student development, student identity, diversity, inclusion

The Changing World of Diversity in Higher Education

  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 changed the world of education by prohibiting segregation in all educational spaces. Since 1964, various higher education institutions have taken great strides in creating policies and efforts to assist all students in building inclusive spaces. This video will look at various efforts (programs, departments, staff, etc.) to increase notions of inclusivity for students, staff, faculty, and community members.
  • Key concepts: policy, community, diversity, inclusion

What Diversity Is and What It’s Not

  • In today’s world, you can find the word “Diversity” mentioned in many different organizations, policies, laws, etc. Many higher education institutions highlight the impact of diversity and actively recruit diverse applicants, but what does diversity really mean? What defines diversity? What does it mean to be diverse? This video will unpack and explain various definitions of diversity in addition to similar concepts.
  • Key concepts: diversity, intersectionality, inclusion, culture, cultural competence