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Janna Chimeli

Janna Chimeli
Associate Professor of Instruction in Analytics & Information Systems; Interim Director of Brazil Executive Programs (LAIOB, IBC)
Muck 310


Ph.D., Ohio University, 2015. Experimental Psychology – Cognitive Psychology – Judgment and Decision Making.

Master of Science, Ohio University, 2012. Experimental Psychology – Cognitive Psychology – Judgment and Decision Making.

BS, Universidade Gama Filho, Brazil, 1997. Psychology.

Research Interests

Information acquisition (selection, elimination, evaluation), judgment (bias), and decision making.

Professional Experience

Faculty Member (Lecturer), Ohio University College of Business, 2014-present.

Select Publications

Gonzalez-Vallejo, C., Xu, P., Weinhardt, J., Chimeli, J., & Karadogan, F. (2015 – em revisão) Recognition and Knowledge Processes in Comparative Judgement of City Populations. Judgment Decision Making. 

González-Vallejo, C., Cheng, J., Phillips, N., Chimeli, J., Bellezza, F., Harman, J., Lassiter, G.D., & Lindberg, J. (2013). Early Positive Information Impacts Final Evaluations: No Deliberation-Without-Attention Effect and a Test of a Dynamic Judgment Model. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.

Weinhardt, J.M., Morse, B., Chimeli, J. & Fisher, J., (2012). An item response theory and factor analytic examination of two prominent maximizing tendency scales. Judgment Decision Making.


Janna Chimeli is a Lecturer of Management Information Systems Department of the College of Business. She teaches coursework in analytics and research. Janna Chimeli is a professional with 10 years’ experience in teaching, educational planning, research, research training, and quantitative analyses, particularly statistical analyses, SPSS and Excel.