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2022/2023 Emerging Leaders

 2022/2023 Peer Mentors

Executive Mentor Program

A new addition to Emerging Leaders is the Executive Mentor Program. Peer Mentors (Senior Leader) will be paired up with an Executive Mentor in order to provide opportunities for personal and professional development and growth. This will provide the students with an insight into life after college, how to navigate the first years of their career, as well as the opportunity to discuss their personal and professional accomplishments and goals. 

We are honored and thankful to have these Bobcat Alumni giving back to the development of Business Bobcats and our Emerging Leaders.

Randy Buck Headshot

Randall Buck '81

Company: Wells Fargo

Expertise: IT, Recruiting



Tammy Reynolds Headshot

Tammy Reynolds 

Company: Ohio University, Whirlpool

Expertise: Human Resources



Julie Keppner Headshot

Julie Keppner 

Company: FinTech

Expertise: Software Product Management

Lindsay Selick Headshot

Lindsay Selick '08

Company: Cohen and Co.

Expertise: Investment Auditing



Michael Maimone Headshot

Mike Maimone '06

Company: Cohen and Co.

Expertise: Investment Auditing