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Hao Lou

Hao Lou
Professor of Analytics & Information Systems
Copeland 226


Ph.D. in MIS, University of Houston, 1993.

Research Interests

Dr. Lou's main research interests include adoption of interactive technologies, electronic commerce, global sourcing. His publications have appeared in the Journal of Association for Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, Communication of Association for Information Systems, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Journal of Information Systems Resource Management, Journal of End-User Computing, and Journal of Global Information Management.

Professional Experience

Teaching fellow at the National Center for Industrial and Scientific Management at Dalian (NCISMD), China.

Selected Publications


  • Lou, H. Chang, S. and Chen, Y. (2023). Teaching Case: Central University Medical Center: A Proposed Paperless Patient Registration System (JISE #2201001). Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE).  June 15, 2023 in the issue of “Volume 34, Issue 2, Spring 2023. 
  • Van Slyke et al (2022). “Telework Distress and Eustress Among Chinese Teleworkers,” in the Journal of Global Information Management (JGIM). Vol 30 (1), 1-29. 
  • Ma, X.; Lou, H; Van Slyke, C.; Clary, G. (2020). “Concern for Information Privacy and Online Purchase in China," in AIS Transactions on Replication Research, Vol 6 (1), 2020.  
  • Wang, V; Wu, Y. and Lou, H (2020). “Hispanic Humor Styles on Facebook: An Analytical Study," in International Journal of E-Business Research (IJEBR), 16(1), January-March, pp. 60-73.
  • Chen, Dongyu; Lou, Hao; and Van Slyke, Craig (2015) "Toward an Understanding of Online Lending Intentions: Evidence from a Survey in China," Communications of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 36, Article 17.
  • Van Slyke, C., V. Ilie, H. Lou, and T. Stafford (2007). “Perceived Critical Mass and the Adoption of a Communication Technology,” European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), 16(3), 270-283, July 2007.
  • Li, D., P. Chau, and H. Lou (2005), “Understanding Individual Adoption of Instant Messaging: An Empirical Investigation,” Journal of Association for Information Systems (JAIS), 6(4), 102-129, April 2005.
  • Lou, H., W. Luo and D. Strong (2000). “Perceived Critical Mass Effect on Groupware Acceptance,” European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), 9(2), 91-103.