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John Day

John Day
Associate Dean; Associate Provost for Academic Budget Planning
Copeland 612


Ph.D., 1983, Ohio University. Experimental psychology with an emphasis in computer and statistical applications.

Research Interests

Database design, programming, networking, microcomputer applications, information systems education.

Professional Experience

Creator of the Management Information Systems department.

Author of six textbooks, three of which are in their third editions, in the application of computers in business and the use of microcomputers.

Consultant for computer applications, numerous local businesses.

Selected Publications

  • Frost, R., Day, J., Van Slyke, C. (2005). Database Design and Development: A Visual Approach (th ed.): Prentice Hall.
  • Ilie, V., Van Slyke, C., Lou, H., Day, J. (2009). A Diffusion-Based Investigation into the Use of Lotus Domino Discussion Databases (th ed., vol. 2nd Edition, pp.1101-1107). HYershey, PA: Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology.
  • Huang, W., Day, J. (2007). Global Mobile Commerce: Strategies, Implementation and Case Studies (th ed., pp.1-400). PA, USA: ISI Group, USA.
  • Day, J. (2005). Implementing Databases in Oracle 9i (th ed.). El Granada, CA: Scott Jones, Inc.
  • Green, G., Day, J., Lou, H., Van Slyke, C. (2004). How User Perceptions Impact Groupware Use (th ed.). Hershey, PA/Idea Group Publishing: Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Vol. I-III.
  • Huang, W., Greene, J., Day, J. (2008). Outsourcing and the Decrease of IS Program Enrollment. Communications of the ACM, 51(6), 101-104.
  • Day, J., Lou, H., Van Slyke, C. (2004). Using Lotus Notes Discussion Databases to Support Collaborative, Project-Based Learning. Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 2(3), 11-25.
  • Li, D., Lou, H., Day, J., Coombs, G. (2004). The effect of affiliation motivation on the intention to use groupware in an MBA program. Journal of Computer Information Systems, 64(3), 1-8.