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Career Courses

Ohio University College of Business students are required to complete two career management courses. Typically taken during freshman and sophomore year, these courses provide opportunities for students to develop a professional brand and prepare for the transition to the workforce.

BA 1000

This highly interactive course introduces freshmen to the world of business and the importance of lifelong career management. Students explore business majors/minors with leading faculty, consider personal interests, skills, and values through various leadership and career assessments; and discover different career opportunities with guest speakers from leading organizations. Students leave BA 1000 with a heightened sense of self-awareness, new perspectives on a variety of careers and industries in business, and the tools necessary to launch their career search. 

BA 2000

With a foundational understanding of business and career management from BA 1000, BA 2000 is a comprehensive course for charting and managing careers in the business world. Students learn how to strategically identify and research companies where they want to start their careers and deep dive on essential career management skills, including networking, writing resumes and cover letters, assessing corporate culture, professionalism, negotiating and accepting job offers. At the completion of this course, students are well equipped to make effective career decisions and will have the necessary career knowledge to execute a successful internship and full-time job search.  

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