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Major Pathways

As a Business Bobcat, be sure you understand the required courses and electives needed to complete your degree. Each major's requirements are outlined in the following webpages:

Our Partnership to On-Time Graduation  

College Responsibility 

In order to guarantee that you have an opportunity to graduate in four years, the College of Business will:

  • Provide sufficient courses
  • Provide quality academic advising
  • Provide access to highly qualified professors
  • Provide career management advising for internships and careers

Student Responsibility 

  • Declare major by end of freshman year.
    Note: changing major after sophomore year may delay graduation.
  • Complete at least 15 hours per term and follow recommended course sequences
  • Work hard to earn the highest possible grade in each course.
    Note: failing courses may delay graduation.
  • Participate in appropriate advising activities each semester and register for classes on time. 
  • If you encounter scheduling difficulties, consult an academic advisor. 

For questions or more information, please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.