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Tips to be successful in the College of Business

  • Talk to instructors. Not only can they help you excel in your courses, but they are also a fantastic resource for current events relevant to your study, references, and recommendations. 
  • Take advantage of opportunities. Business Academic Advising & Career Services, student organizations, and events on campus provide fantastic opportunities to develop networking skills that will prepare you for the professional environment. 
  • Notice current events in business. Many classes contain current event components. Familiarizing yourself with reputable sources of industry information will not only enhance your understanding of relevant news, but also improve your knowledge of business writing and terminology. 
  • Have fun. The skills you acquire in the College of Business will have many applications and provide you with the tools to do great things. 

5 Keys to Earning Good Grades

  • Start early by developing a routine. Set up a weekly time schedule [Word] with pre-determined study times to keep up on readings and develop a plan of action for each course. Plan for quality free time and use it as a reward. 
  • Understand how material is organized. Facts can be remembered more easily if they fit into a larger framework. See how ideas tie in and relate, and organize information into meaningful categories. 
  • Don't wait until right before the exam. If possible, review your class notes and what you've learned within an hour. Always review new material within 24 hours. Talk to course instructors when you have a concern. Arrange for tutors in difficult subjects and attend SI before you're performing poorly in a class. 
  • Network within your courses. Meet students from each class. Form a study group or find a study buddy. 
  • Take breaks when you study! For every hour that you study, take a five to ten-minute break. This will help you focus so information can be stored more easily.