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Class Cancellation for Prior Term Balances

Ohio University students and Authorized Users receive monthly  balance notifications  to their OHIO e-mail account regarding past due balances. Students with past due balances of $1.00 * or more on their student account – regardless of the source of the balance – risk having their classes for the upcoming term cancelled if the ENTIRE past due balance is not paid in full by the stated deadlines.

Past-Due Balance Deadlines
Term Deadline Details
Fall 18–19 Tuesday, August 21, 2018 Classes for Fall 18-19 will be cancelled if summer or prior term balances are not paid in full by August 21, 2018.
Spring 18–19 Monday, January 7, 2019 Classes for Spring 18-19 will be cancelled if fall or prior term 
balances are not paid in full by January 7, 2019.
Summer 18–19 Monday, May 6, 2019 Classes for Summer 18-19 will be cancelled if spring or prior term balances are not paid in full by May 6, 2019.

Students with prior term, past due balances, or who remit payment after the stated deadlines run the risk for having their classes cancelled for the upcoming term.

Account Balances

Students may view their student account balance and details on the  My OHIO Student Center. For additional information regarding charges due and how to locate due dates, please visit  Account Balances.

Balance Disputes

Any balance that a student (or authorized user) wants to dispute must be paid or resolved  prior to  the class cancellation deadline. In addition, the Office of the Bursar must be notified  prior to  the class cancellation deadline of any extenuating circumstances that might hinder a student from paying their past due balance. Students and/or authorized users may e-mail the Office of the Bursar with information regarding their circumstances. Please note that e-mailing the Office of the Bursar is not a guaranteed way of preventing classes from being cancelled. The Office of the Bursar will review and contact any student/authorized user when an exception has been made.

Post Class Cancellation

Students who have their classes cancelled due to unpaid past due balances will also have a financial hold placed on their student account.  Students must have their past due balance paid in full in order to have the financial hold released.  Upon paying off their past due balance in full, students may contact the Office of the Bursar during normal business hours for assistance with removing the financial hold by e-mail  or phone (740.593.4130).

Post cancellation, the Office of the Bursar cannot reinstate a student's original schedule. Also, due to the nature of  waitliststhere is no guarantee that a student will be able to re-register for their original classes  once the past due balance has been paid in full. Therefore, it is essential for a student’s account to be reviewed periodically by the student and/or authorized user and that any account balances are paid timely in order to avoid the class cancellation process.

* Ohio University and the Office of the Bursar reserve the right to make any changes to the minimum past due balance amount, without prior notice, that may become necessary.