Ohio University budget update
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Ohio State plans 8.5 pct tuition hike Mar 25, 2010
<i>Kentucky Enquirer</i>
Recession takes toll on donations to colleges Feb 3, 2010
<i>(Columbus Dispatch)</i>
Strickland: School cuts only option to fill budget hole Dec 15, 2009
<i>(Columbus Dispatch)</i>
Budget Cuts Take Toll on Education Aug 19, 2009
<i>(U.S. News & World Report)</i>
College students lose aid from state Aug 13, 2009
<i>Columbus Dispatch</i>
UC approves pay cuts, furloughs; will honor Cal Grants Jul 16, 2009
<i>(Sacramento Business Journal)</i>
Some colleges not waiting for final state budget talks Jun 30, 2009
<i>(Akron Beacon Journal)</i>
Miami plans to detail job cuts Tuesday Mar 9, 2009
<i>(The Oxford Press)</i>
Endowment Declines Continue, Survey Indicates Mar 5, 2009
<i>(Chronicle of Higher Education)</i>
Impact of Economic Crisis on Staffing and Compensation Planning Feb 18, 2009
<i>(CUPA-HR Newsroom)</i>
Financial clouds bring gloom to US institutions Jan 15, 2009
<i>(Times Higher Education)</i>
Bowling Green State University set to lay off 43 salaried employees Jan 3, 2009
<i>(Toledo Blade)</i>
Budget crisis serious chore for UB Dec 23, 2008
<i>(UB Reporter)</i>
Bottom Lines Cause Unease at Societies of Scholars Dec 19, 2008
<i>(Chronicle of Higher Education)</i>
President warns of tougher times at town hall meeting Dec 17, 2008
<i>(UT News)</i>
A Piece of the Stimulus Pie Dec 16, 2008
<i>(Inside Higher Ed)</i>
Miami U. layoffs could reach 100 Dec 13, 2008
<i>(Cincinnati Enquirer)</i>
Quality counts in new proposal for college funding Dec 12, 2008
Budget cuts for Ohio Dec 12, 2008
With Budget Crunch Hitting IT, Time to Rethink Role? Dec 11, 2008
<i>(Inside Higher Ed)</i>
How the economic hard times will affect colleges Nov 14, 2008
<i>(The Chronicle of Higher Education)</i>
So Goes the Nation Nov 13, 2008
<i>(Inside Higher Ed)</i>
Ohio State prepares for tough times ahead Nov 7, 2008
<i>(Columbus Dispatch education blog)</i>
How Colleges Can Keep Strategic Plans On Course in a Stormy Economy Oct 24, 2008
<i>(Chronicle of Higher Education)</i>
Extraordinary Times Oct 23, 2008
<i>(Inside Higher Ed -- first in a series titled Weathering the Storm)</i>
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