Ohio University

FY21 Staff Furloughs

Updated Sept. 4, 2020


We will institute our furlough next fiscal year, which begins on July 1, 2020. To minimize the impact on employees in our lower pay bands, an interim furlough policy was developed.

This measure will be applied to all administrative, faculty and classified non bargaining employees as follows:

Employee Wage Furlough Leave Days Equivalent Wage Reduction
$0 to $37,999 Mandated days only 0
$38,000 to $64,999 10 days 3.8%
$65,000 to $99,999 12 days 4.6%
$100,000 to $149,999 14 days 5.4%
$150,000 to $199,999 16 days 6.1%
$200,000 and above 18 days 6.9%

Employees who are at the minimum of the pay scale for their job classification or at the minimum Fair Labor Standards Act salary threshold will be exempt from the wage reduction. The furlough will include 7 mandatory days that will extend the University’s closure periods for Thanksgiving and winter break. Employees may take the remainder of their furlough days at their discretion with approval from their supervisor.

Furlough FAQ

Questions and answers regarding the Interim Furlough Policy #41.016. Contact University Human Resources at uhr@ohio.edu with additional questions.