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Administrative Operations Assessment

Engagement with Deloitte Consulting

OHIO University's executive leadership in partnership with the Ohio University Board of Trustees have engaged Deloitte Consulting to conduct an operational analysis of administrative functions across the institution. This work reinforces our commitment to our academic mission and will allow us to deliver on our University strategies while ensuring the sustainability of our institution over the long term. The project will include a comparison of relevant administrative benchmarks as well as an articulation of how OHIO is or is not best positioned to support its strategic objectives. Deloitte will follow that analysis with recommendations and strategies for streamlining administrative functions to meet our institutional objectives, which will be reviewed and considered by University leadership. 

Project Scope

Deloitte will explore all administrative functions and academic support units across the institution to seek opportunities for efficiency this summer, beginning immediately. This includes all administrative divisions and units, auxiliaries, and administrative support functions within academic divisions and units. The goal of the project is not simply to identify cost reduction opportunities but rather to identify strategic opportunities for restructuring, streamlining, and/or increasing the efficiency of administrative functions to best support student experience and success while ensuring the financial health of the institution. 
Deloitte's engagement will result in analysis and recommendations. The ultimate decisions on which recommendations are implemented will be the decision of University leadership and the OHIO Board of Trustees. 

Engagement Activity

As Deloitte conducts its analysis, representatives at the firm may request internal University data or data validation from Vice Presidents, Deans, and Financial Managers. In addition, Deloitte will meet as needed with Vice Presidents, Deans and other senior leaders to better understand the current use of resources, existing administrative structures and support levels and the strengths and weaknesses of the current administrative structures. 

Dawn Weiser, special assistant within the Division of Finance and Administration, will serve as a project liaison. Requests related to the engagement, including data inquiries and meeting requests, will come to leaders through the appropriate Vice President, Weiser, or via the “OHIO Finance and Administration” email account.
Updates on this engagement will be posted regularly at ohio.edu/budget.

It is important to note that while this engagement will help provide important analysis in order to achieve a fully balanced budget, it does not eliminate the need for all university leaders and managers to evaluate opportunities for reduction of recurring expenses. As administrative division leaders and financial managers explore opportunities for immediate expense reduction in FY22, they should explore elimination of any open positions that have not been approved by the executive committee for rehire, adjust general supplies costs in recognition of sustained operating savings related to remote work, and seek to reduce or eliminate any non-essential travel, entertainment, conference fees and professional development. Additional instructions have been provided by the University Budget Director to financial officers.