Ohio University budget update
Key communication
Budget Planning Efforts

To: Ohio University Faculty, Staff and Students
From: Office of Budget Planning and Analysis
Re: Budget Planning Efforts
Date: November 19, 2008 

A memorandum at www.ohio.edu/finance/bpa/upload/Budget_Memo_111808.pdf details ongoing work to refine plans to meet potential budget shortfalls in the current fiscal year and the next.

Some information in the memo was contained in a presentation made to Faculty Senate and Student Senate last week and scheduled for presentation to Administrative and Classified Senate this week. The presentation materials are available online at www.ohio.edu/finance/bpa/upload/111408FacultySenatePresentation.pdf.

Targeted Timeframes

While more clarity regarding economic circumstances locally, nationally, and internationally is unlikely until closer to the end of this fiscal year in June 2009, we must work now to prepare for possible problems. Targeted timeframes for this work are:

November 2008

  • University Budget Planning Council begins detailed review of centrally budgeted items.
  • University Budget Planning and Analysis provides guidance to planning units to build budget scenarios.
  • Planning unit heads and Budget Unit Managers complete analysis of unit savings from vacancies, carry-forward planning for Fiscal Year 2009 contingency planning.

December 2008 through February 2009

  • Planning unit heads and Budget Unit Managers prepare reduction scenarios for Fiscal Year 2010.
  • University Student Fee, General Fee and Internal Fee committees meet to develop inventory of fees along with recommendations for fees for next academic year.

January 2009

  • University planning units submit preliminary budget reduction plans to Budget Planning and Analysis.
  • Governor Strickland presents his proposal for the state's next biennial budget (Fiscal Years 2010 and 2011).

March 2009

  • University Student Fee, General Fee and Internal Fee committees make recommendations to Budget Planning Council.

April 2009 through June 2009

  • Ohio General Assembly and Governor Strickland finalize state's biennial budget.
  • University Budget Planning Council submits recommendations for Fiscal Year 2010 budget to President McDavis for review.
  • President McDavis finalizes recommendation.
  • President McDavis submits recommendation to Board of Trustees for action.
  • Board of Trustees approves 2010 fiscal year budget.

July 2009

  • Fiscal Year 2010 begins.

Providing Your Feedback

In order to find solutions that will best enable us to serve our students and preserve our excellence as an institution, you are encouraged to send your suggestions on budgetary priorities, cost savings, and timely revenue generation to your representative or representatives on Budget Planning Council. The members of Budget Planning Council and their e-mail addresses are listed below:

Budget Planning Council:

Michael Adeyanju, Student Senate, ma382605@ohio.edu
William Decatur, Finance/Administration, decatur@ohio.edu
Jeff Fulk, Classified Senate, fulk@ohio.edu
Kathy Krendl, Executive Vice President and Provost, krendl@ohio.edu
Dennis Irwin, Dean's Council, irwind@ohio.edu
Sergio Lopez, Faculty Senate, lopez@ohio.edu
Joseph McLaughlin, Faculty Senate, mclaughj@ohio.edu
Charles McWeeny, Dean's Council, mcweeny@ohio.edu
Brenda Noftz, Administrative Senate, noftz@ohio.edu
Hugh Sherman, College of Business, shermanh@ohio.edu
Betty Sindelar, Faculty-at-Large, sindelar@ohio.edu
Kent Smith, Student Affairs, smithk1@ohio.edu
David Thomas, Faculty Senate, thomasda@ohio.edu
Ann Tickamyer, Faculty-at-Large, tickamye@ohio.edu
Peter Wickman, Graduate Student Senate, pw968696@ohio.edu
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