Brand Standards for Ohio University

Web Standards: Logos 

Wherever the Ohio University signature graphic is used, it must be one of the approved images below and used no smaller than 154 pixels in width. It must always be scaled proportionately and in the approved colors as shown below.

The horizontal format is the preferred logo signature for use.

The stacked format may be used in exceptional cases such as buttons and where the horizontal version will decrease the logo signature’s legibility. Please consult with University Communications and Marketing before implementing the stacked format on anything.

Though technology is available which allows for many options such as animation and 3-D modeling, it is not appropriate to apply these techniques to any components of the Ohio University signature. Any distortion of the identity marks dilutes and confuses the University’s image.

These graphics may not be altered or changed in any way. If the logos provided do not meet your specific needs, or if you need additional assistance in selecting and obtaining a logo for use on your website, Stephanie Elmore may be contacted at

For pages and applications in the Web environment, never use the logo mark without the logo type.

Clear Zones
for the Ohio University signature is the width of the “I” in the Ohio University signature (or five pixels on all sides). Maintain this minimum distance proportionately between any part of the signature and any other elements appearing with it and/or the edge of the page. The logos provided here have the five pixel gutter included in the graphic. They are not to be cropped.

The Ohio University Seal
will be used to authenticate the highest official University documents (e.g., diplomas and legal documents). It may be used on other materials only at the discretion of the president and the Board of Trustees.

The University seal should never be substituted for the Ohio University signature or logo type.

The Ohio University Athletics Mark
known as the “Attack Cat” is confined to use in direct association with Intercollegiate Athletics only. The “Attack Cat” and the “OHIO” typography that accompanies its use are not to be substituted for the University signature or logo type for institutional or academic purposes. It is not available for use as a background or as part of a logo for any non-athletic department.
Web Horizontal Logos


Web Stacked Logos