Brand Standards for Ohio University

"The Promise Lives" Audio 

University Communications and Marketing staff members scripted and provided voice talent for “The Promise Lives” audio promotions that aired on National Public Radio, regional radio stations during sports events, and the popular Internet radio site Pandora. Built on consistent messaging, the spots are in lengths of 30 or 60 seconds and help to raise awareness of Ohio University in the minds of prospective students and their parents while instilling a sense of pride in alumni and those already affiliated with the institution.

You can experience the OHIO brand illustrated through print, video, and Web projects on the corresponding pages.

"The Promise Lives Audio Spot #1" (Featured on Pandora, 30 sec.)

"The Promise Lives Audio Spot #2" (Featured on ISP Sports, 30 sec.)

"Voices of Promise" (general use, 60 sec.)

"This is what a college experience should be like" (general use, 60 sec.)