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Chistopher Schwirian

Contact Information

 • Email: Chris Schwirian
 • Website:Schwirian Webpage
 • Phone:740-593-9490
 • Office:066 Irvine Hall


 • BIOS 3455: Human Physiology Laboratory
  Representative Publications:
  • Hostler D., Schwirian C.I., Campos G., Toma K., Crill M.T., Hagerman G., Hagerman F.C., Staron R.S. 2001. Skeletal muscle adaptations in elastic resistance-trained young men and women. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 86:112-118

  • C.Schwirian, F.Hagerman, R.Staron, G.Hagerman, K.Toma, D.Hostler, M.Crill, & T. Luecke. 1999. Ventilatory Threshold and Muscle Fiber Type Composition Before and After Short Term Training With The SportCord®. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 31(5):S331

  • D.Hostler, C.Schwirian, F.Hagerman, R.Staron, G. Campos, R.Hikida, K.Toma, G.Hagerman. 1999. Skeletal Muscle Adaptations in Elastic Resistance-Trained Young Men and Women. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 31(5):S325

  • Schwirian, CI, Hagerman, FC, Staron, RS, Hagerman, G, Toma, K, Luecke, T, and Mannini, T. 1998. Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Aerobic Capacity Adaptations to Resistance Training Using The SportCord®. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 30(5): S165, 1998