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Joan V. Cunningham
Assistant Professor

Contact Information

 • Email:Joan Cunningham
 • Phone:740-593-9482
 • Office:062 Irvine Hall


 • BIOS 3210/5210: General Microbiology
 • BIOS 4860B, 5860B: Immunology Lab
 • BIOS 4220/5220: Microbiological Techniques
 • BIOS 4230A/5230A: Pathogenic Bacteriology
 • BIOS 4230B/5230B: Pathogenic Bacteriology Lab
 • BIOS 2220: Microbes and Humans Lab
  Research Interests:

I do not have a research program, but teach a variety of microbiology courses and advise both microbiology students and those students interested in pursuing a career in clinical laboratory science. In addition, I advise the Microbiology Student Organization.


After being a clinical laboratory scientist for many years and working in clinical bacteriology and hematology labs, I received my Ph.D. in Dr. Ken Goodrum's lab here at Ohio University in 1994. His research and my interests are a good combination of immunology and pathogenic bacteriology – interests that continue up to today. I began teaching general microbiology the year that I graduated, and have subsequently added more and more courses to my resume. I love my job – it is stimulating and rewarding, and a continual learning experience.