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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

The Department of Biological Sciences offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the area of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB). This interdisciplinary program includes faculty from the Departments of Biological Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences) and the Department of Biomedical Sciences (College of Osteopathic Medicine). The program is designed to give students a broad knowledge of the fundamentals of ecology and evolutionary biology, including an integrative approach to the study of morphology, population and community biology, systematics, behavior, conservation, and other fields of inquiry. Students in this program will also gain valuable experience in teaching, scientific writing, and the presentation of research results.

The Masters program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology serves students training for field and technical positions in academia, government, or industry, or who want to continue with further academic education.

The Doctoral program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology serves students who plan to become academic faculty or to assume formal research positions.

For detailed information on program requirements, faculty, students, research facilities and contacts, please visit the EEB Graduate Program web page

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