Bioinformatics at Ohio University
Bioinformatics Researchers
  • Lonnie Welch (EECS)- Director of the Bioinformatics Laboratory, research and development of new bioinformatics methods, software engineering, and the incorporation of new methods into the scientific discovery process.
  • Harvey Ballard (PBIO) – Plant molecular systematics, plant collection databases, image analysis, GIS applications
  • Shawn Chen (BIOS) - RNA molecular biology, microbial biochemistry
  • Robert Colvin (BIOS) - microRNA and epigenomics

  • Karen Coschigano (COM, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences) - The genetics of growth, obesity, diabetes and aging

  • Frank Drews (EECS) - Real-time systems, operating systems, scheduling and resource management, distributed computing
  • Ahmed Faik (PBIO) - Plant cell wall enzymes, genomics
  • John Kopchick (COM) - Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, Diabetes, proteomics
  • Jundong Liu (EECS) - Medical Image Analysis, NeuroImaging, Computer Vision
  • Brian McCarthy (PBIO) - Forest ecology, biostatistics, R language

  • Erin Murphy (COM, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences) - Bacterial pathogenesis
  • Frank Schwartz (COM, Director: ARHI Diabetes Center) - Medical informatics, Ohio University Diabetes/Endocrine Diseases Biorepository
  • Sarah Wyatt (PBIO) - Plant gravitropic signal transduction, DNA regulatory elements


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