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Notable Speakers


Several notable individuals, of both national and international acclaim, have spoken at Ohio University. Following is a list of some of those speakers.



U.S. Presidents


William McKinley- 25th President 1897-1901

Theodore Roosevelt- 26th President 1901-09

William Howard Taft- 27th President 1901-13

Warren G. Harding- 29th President 1921-23

Herbert Hoover- 31st President 1929-33

Dwight D. Eisenhower- 34th President 1953-61

John F. Kennedy- 35th President 1961-63 (He was a senator at the time he spoke)

Lyndon Johnson- 36th President 1963-69

Jimmy Carter- 39th President 1977-81


First Ladies


Eleanor Roosevelt- 32nd First Lady 1933-45; American spokesman in the United Nations

Hillary Rodham Clinton- 42nd First Lady 1993-2001; now U.S. Senator from New York 2000-


Other Government Officials


James William Fulbright- U.S. Senator from Arkansas 1945-75

Robert Taft- U.S. Senator from Ohio

John Glenn- U.S. Senator from Ohio 1975-99; Astronaut

William Jennings Bryan- U.S. Secretary of State 1913-15


Supreme Court Members


Tom Clark- Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1949-67

William Douglas- Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1939-75




Pearl Buck- writer

P.J. O’Rourke- author

Cornel West- author

Naomi Wolf- author

Arnold Toynbee- author

Gloria Steinem- author and journalist

Carl Sandburg- poet

Robert Frost- poet

Terry Anderson- journalist and former hostage




Clarence Page- Chicago Tribune columnist; two-time Pulitzer Prize winner

Helen Thomas- columnist; former White House Bureau Chief

Seymour Hersh- journalist; Pulitzer Prize winner

David Halberstam- journalist and author


Other Notables


Martin Luther King, Jr.- Civil Rights Leader

Marian Anderson- singer

Dag Hammarskjold- U.N. Secretary General 1953-61

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield- owners of Ben & Jerry’s

Susan B. Anthony- women’s rights activist (women’s suffrage)

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