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The following pieces of trivia come from "Ohio University, 1804-2004: The Spirit of a Singular Place" by Betty Hollow, published by Ohio University Press. To learn more about the book, check out this Ohio Today story from the Tributes section.

Wednesday, Feb. 18
Founders Day

  • The Ohio University football team didn't lose a home game from 1927 to 1937.
  • Seventy of the University's 243 students earned free tuition in 1865-66 thanks to taking part in the Civil War.
  • The University - after a hotly contested debate - switched to the quarter system in 1967.

Monday, Feb. 16

  • E.W. Scripps Hall was the first campus building to be constructed as a library.
  • The Echo and University Record was the University's first student newspaper.
  • "The Athena" yearbook was published for the first time in 1892.

Friday, Feb. 13

  • Margaret Boyd was Ohio University's first female student and graduate.
  • John Newton Templeton became the University's first African American graduate in 1828.
  • A student from Japan became the University's first international graduate in 1895.

Wednesday, Feb. 11

  • Ohio University began training teachers in 1879.
  • The town of Athens - containing space for a college with house lots for a president and professors - was founded on Dec. 5, 1800.
  • Winning a contest, Kenneth Clark wrote "Alma Mater, Ohio" in 1914.

Monday, Feb. 9

  • Wilson and McGuffey halls were the University's first residence halls.
  • McGuffey Hall once shared its name with the award-winning NBC drama "The West Wing."
  • Boyd Hall, named for the University's first female graduate, was built in 1906 to house women.

Friday, Feb. 6

  • Before becoming Ohio University on Feb. 18, 1804, the University was known as American Western University.
  • Cutler Hall was the University's only structure until 1837.
  • The College Green was once reserved for villagers' livestock and traveling medicine shows.

Wednesday, Feb. 4

  • The University's first students paid $2 per quarter in fees.
  • The $2-per-quarter student fee in the early days of Ohio University was spent on firewood.
  • In 1825, students were given grades for the first time.

Bicentennial Did You Know? was compiled by Jennifer Kirksey-Smith, a writer with University Communications and Marketing

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