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Founders Day Celebration
Happy Birthday, Ohio University!

By Mary Alice Casey and Joan Slattery Wall

Wei Sun and Joyce Hu cheerfully took turns photographing each other in front of the huge birthday cake at Ohio University's bicentennial party today.


"We just feel excited," said Sun, a doctoral student in chemical engineering. "And also lucky. It's my first year here," added Hu, a graduate student in economics.


The international students from China were among several hundred people - faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members and news media - who gathered for the birthday celebration in the rotunda of the University's new classroom building. Read more!

Rotunda celebration
Birthday party

From three living Ohio University presidents to one huge cake, take a look at a celebration that's been 200 years in the making. See the pictures!

Turning Two Hundred

By Mary Alice Casey and Joan Slattery Wall

A multimedia presentation featuring original music and dance captured the eclectic spirit of Ohio University as hundreds gathered Wednesday night in celebration of the bicentennial.


Campus and community members witnessed the University's history set to music and dance in a thought-provoking and often humorous performance by faculty, students and staff at Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.


"Turning Two Hundred: A Celebration of the Bicentennial of Ohio University" was a collaboration of Professor of Music Mark Phillips and Associate Professor of Dance Lisa Ford Moulton. It highlighted an evening that also included two Founders Citation presentations and a video production reflecting the University's history. President Robert Glidden served as master of ceremonies, introducing Gov. Bob Taft, Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Roderick Chu and past and present Ohio University leaders. Read more!

"Turning Two Hundred" show
"Turning Two Hundred" show

Melding live music with dance and video vignettes, "Turning Two Hundred" celebrated Ohio University's past, present and future. See the pictures!

"Turning Two Hundred" video
"Turning Two Hundred" video

View the video shown during the University's "Turning Two Hundred" show on Founders Day, Feb. 18 2004. Watch the video!

Rehearsals for the show
Rehearsals for the show

Photographer Johnny Hanson captured rehearsals for "Turning Two Hundred" from both ends: Lisa Ford Moulton's dancers preparing to embody composer Mark Phillips' score, which his musicians carefully practiced. See the pictures!

Ohio University alumni visit "Today"

By Natalie Smith

The Founders Day celebration began early Feb. 18 with greetings from New York-based Ohio University alumni who presented Matt Lauer with a cake on the set of "Today."

Those attending included: John Cassese, BSC '76 and MA '79; Mary Gaydos, BFA '58; Joanne Utley, BSJ '79; Nadia Hile, BSJ '03; Melissa Hough, BSS '03; Megan Sanders, BSJ '02; Irene Pavlakis, BSC '90; Kerry Haugh, AB '97, and her husband, Jason Haugh; Derek Lundquist, BSJ '95; Nicole Purmal, BSC '99, and her brother, Brett Purmal; Robert Ross Parker, MFA '02; Dan Deming, AB '03; Qui Nguyen, MFA '02; and Christine Tripi, BSC '94.

'Today' show mention
'Today' show mention

Several Ohio University alumni took today's Founders Day celebration to New York to visit another famous alum, Matt Lauer, on the set of "Today." See the pictures!

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