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The Bicentennial Commission

Ohio University, the nation's first institution of higher education west of the Allegheny Mountains, is poised to celebrate its bicentennial beginning in the fall of 2003. While observing traditions of excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, the search for knowledge and understanding through research, learning in a residential campus environment and service to the region, Ohio University will highlight its 200-year history with a variety of events and activities concluding in the spring of 2004.

In the Spring of 2001 President Robert Glidden formed a Presidential Bicentennial Commission co-chaired by Alan Geiger and Nancy Prichard Crist (sub-commission members are listed below) to provide oversight for all activities. The committee members were charged with the following:

  • Help identify, review, and shape the University's major bicentennial projects and events;
  • Serve as consultants for regional campuses, colleges, and constituent units that may host
    bicentennial events;
  • Offer advice on calendar management, development of printed materials, and media relations
  • Identify individuals who might be involved in community-outreach efforts.

Designed to bring focus and attention to the rich and vibrant community which is Ohio University, this schedule of events developed by the committee will feature creative works from the institution's artists as well as lectures, community events, exhibits and programs that reach well beyond southeastern Ohio.

For general questions concerning the Bicentennial, please contact Nancy Prichard Crist, co-chair of the Presidential Bicentennial Commission.

Athens Campus Faculty, Staff and Emeriti
Representatives from Administrative, Classified, and Faculty Senates; Faculty Representatives; Emeriti Association.  Team leader - Louis Wright

Dorothy Anderson
Diana Beeson
Hugh Bloemer
Chuck Carlson
Donna Conaty
Schuyler Cone
John Dillon
Patricia Gunn
Jan Hodson

Cathy Glenn
Anita James
Mike Prudich
Chip Rogers
Charles Smith
Ray Wagner
Mark Wilson
James Yanok
Janice Roche

Campus Outreach
Representatives from regional campuses, Lifelong Learning, International Studies.  Team leader - Jim Fonseca

John Baughman
Carolyn Bailey Lewis
Pam Brown

Beth Clodfelter
Josep Rota

Students and Alumni
Representatives from Student and Graduate Student Senates; Alumni Board. Team leader - Bill Burke

Ralph Amos
Ken Brown
Lindsay Cowgill
Terry Hogan
Alissa Galford

John Susany
Mary Alice Casey
Kimberly King
Rick Harrison
Tiffany Boles

Representatives from academic colleges and University Libraries.  Team leader - Barbara Reeves

Bill Allen
George Bain
Art Marinelli

Assistant and/or Associate Deans from each Academic College

Representatives from the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board of Trustees.  Team leader - Jack Ellis

Victor Goodman
Tad Grover

Lee Ong

Athens Community
Representatives from city and county government, Athens County Historical Society, Chamber of Commerce, Athens County Convention and Visitors' Bureau.  Team leader - L. Alan Goldsberry

Ric Abel
Sally Dunker
Bob Gall
Jim Sands
Mark Sullivan

Roberty Hynes
Marjorie Stone
Tom O'Grady

Special Projects

Mimi Hart
Betty Hollow
Maggi Channell
James Wyman
Mark Krumel
Mark Phillips
Charles Smith

Hub Burton
Mary Dillon
Jennifer Kirksey-Smith
Gretchen Stephens
Cathey Glenn
Paul Ladwig
Max Malloy

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