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We have conducted this seven day drawing and painting workshop since 1995. The subject matter of our visual interpretations is primarily the rice terraces of Bali, Indonesia. We have been able to record the plant's life cycle from planting to harvest every year. We explore the aesthetics of the individual plant and its environment through analysis of form and color. Translations are executed in oil pastels, gouache, and pencil.

Every year the accommodations have been in the 17th century Balinese palace, Puri Anyar, in Kerambitan This palace is still maintained by the original family. Dhr. Rai Giri Gunadhi, of the royal family, has offered this rare opportunity to stay in the palace while studying the form and color of his country's rice terraces. This is clearly an event in which everyone grows both visually, as well as, culturally. Visit the Bali Cyber Exhibit at http://cscwww.cats.ohiou.edu/bali/exhibit/ in this site to see the terraces, the results, and the accommodations from years past.

Enrollment is limited to 5 participants per workshop

Professor Don Adleta,
Associate Professor of the Graphic Design Program, Ohio University

Professor Tricia Hennessy,
Graphic Design Program Coordinator, Western Michigan University

Since the recent terrorist events in Bali, Ohio University will not conduct this workshop in the summer. We hope to resume offering it in a future year

s.e.e . m.o.r.e

B a l i C y b e r E x h i b i t


The cost for the workshop in 2000 was approximately $3,000, for those who did not receive class credit.

  • $750. Program costs included:
    • accommodations of a shared room at the Bali Holiday Resort upon arrival and prior to departure,
    • seven nights in Puri Anyar, the palace in Kerambitan,
    • group ground transportation.
  • Tuition was based on Ohio University's in and out of state tuition fees per credit hour. The non-credit fee for this course was $700.
  • $1,200. Was the approximate cost for a flight round trip Columbus, Ohio to Bali, Indonesia.
  • The estimate for meals is $20 a day, or $200.
  • You WILL go shopping while you are in Bali. Check the made in Bali pages on the Bali Cyber Exhibit.

Program costs plus tuition were be paid directly to Ohio University.


You were responsible for securing y our fight arrangements, however, Washburn Travel Center in Athens is familiar with the dates and appropriate flight information. Marty is the primary contact at Washburn in Ohio call 800.774.1900, outside Ohio call 740.594.4291, or fax 740.592.4113. Having control of your own flight arrangements allows you to stay in Bali longer than the workshop, or you could arrange travel to other destinations in the South Pacific.

It was recommended to book early!

You we re also responsible for securing your passport, visa permit, and consulting your doctor for the appropriate health prevention methods. A copy of your doctors record of the immunizations was required in Don Adleta's office one month before departure. Questions can be directed to Don Adleta, Ohio University, School of Art, Graphic Design Program, Seigfred Hall, Athens, Ohio 45701, phone 800.766.8278, outside Ohio 740.593.4284, fax 740.593.0457, or e-mail adleta@ohio.edu.

t.o . a.p.p.l.y

For registration in the program of 2003 and application information call the Office of Summer Sessions at Ohio University, 888.551.6446, or locally at 740.593.2583, or e.mail: summer.sessions@ohiou.edu

A non-refundable application fee of $100 is required to reserve a space in the Bali Workshop. Only if the program is canceled will the application fee be returned.

Please send a check two months prior to departure, to the Office of Summer Sessions, Tupper Hall 308, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701. The application fee will be applied to the program costs o f the workshop. University deadlines for payment of tuition apply to this program. University tuition can be changed by the Board of Trustees any time. Program costs can change depending on the prevailing costs and rate of exchange at the time of departure.

There is no Registration and Application Deadline at this point.

Tax deductions may be available for expenses you incur related to your professional continuing education including registration fees, travel, m eals, and lodging.

Don Adleta is a professor of the Graphic Design Program at Ohio University. He has worked in the practice at The Upjohn Company, and for clients such as Herman Miller, Inc. and American Express. Don has maintained an active involvement in the international academic environment by teaching at Rhode Island School of Design, Western Michigan University, National Institute of Design in India an d Wellington Polytechnic in New Zealand. Don completed his post-graduate degree in Graphic Design at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland. His undergraduate studies were at the University of Cincinnati and Ohio University, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Tricia Hennessy, professor of art, has been Educational Director of the Design Center and Graphic Design Program Coordinator at Western Michigan University since 1988. Before coming to the department she taught for six years at Rhode Island School of Design. She has practiced design, lectured, given workshops, exhibited, and published with national and international exposure. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ohio University then completed the post-graduate degree in Graphic Design at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland. She has received a Faculty Research and Creative Development Grant for her present research project in color which includes the design and publication of a limited edition book.



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