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selected publications

Trost Z, France CR, Sullivan MJ, Thomas JS (2011). Pain-related Fear Predicts Reduced Spinal Motion Following Experimental Back Injury. Pain May;153(5):1015-21.

Goss DA, Thomas JS, Walkowski S, Licciardone JC, Yue GH, and Clark BC(2012)  Non-impulse manual therapy reduces erector spinae short-latency stretch reflex asymmetries in patients with chronic low back pain. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology.  Jan 27. [Epub ahead of print]

Clark BC, Goss DA, Walkowski S, Hoffman RL, Ross AJ, Thomas JS (2011). Neurophysiologic effects of spinal manipulation in patients with chronic low back pain. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 12:170

Trost Z, France CR, Thomas JS. (2011). Pain-related Fear and Avoidance of Physical Exertion Following Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.  Pain. PMID: 21419575

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Johnson EN, Thomas, JS. (2010) Effect of hamstring flexibility on hip and lumbar spine excursions during forward-reaching tasks in participants with and without low back pain. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Thomas JS, France CR, Sha D, Wiele NV (2008). The influence of pain-related fear on peak muscle activity and force generation during maximal isometric trunk exertions. Spine 33: E342-348



Strength in Numbers: Millions of Americans suffer pain and weakness from injury, aging, and disuse. Two dozen Ohio University scientists explore the secrets behind our muscles, brain, and nervous system to provide relief.

OU Researchers Conducting Long-Term Study on Lower Back Pain: Researchers at Ohio University are trying to help millions of Americans who experience lower back pain find relief.


conference presentations

LBP Kinesiophobia

The Effects of Kinesiophobia on Spinal Motion Parameters Following Recovery from an Episode of Low Back Pain [download PDF]





Linear Synergy
Does the Linear Synergy Hypothesis Generalize Beyond the Shoulder and Elbow in Multi-Joint Reaching Movements? [download PDF]







Poser 2006
The Influence of Chronic Low Back Pain on Joint Kinematics in Multi-Joint Reaching Movements with Various Loads [download PDF]





Time to Task
Time to Task Failure of the Trunk Extensor Muscles Differs with Load Type [download PDF]






Sit and Stand
The Effect of Initial Posture on the Performance of Multi-Joint Reaching Tasks: A Comparison of Joint Excursions Between Individuals With and Without Chronic Low Back Pain [download PDF]




The Effect of Hip Position and Lower Extremity Stabilization on Peak Trunk Flexion Force and Activation of the Abdominal and Hip Flexor Muscles [download PDF]





The Effect of Load and Target Height on Muscle EMG Activation of the Abdominals and Paraspinals in Multi-Joint Reaching Tasks [download PDF]






The Effects of Gender, Speed and Target Height on the Coupling of Spine and Hip Motions During Full Body Reaching Tasks [download PDF]





CSM 2007
The Influence of Chronic Low Back Pain on the Spine and Hip Joint Excursions and Joint Torques During Forward Bend Tasks [download PDF]







Muscle Reflex Latencies During Trunk Perturbations [download PDF]





Reach Constrained
The Effect of Pelvic Constraint on Joint Movements of the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine During Reaching Tasks [download PDF]


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