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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I participate in research?
A: Yes. The OU Motor Control Lab runs several human subject research studies for which we recruit participants year-round. We need people with specific medical histories and health control subjects on a regular basis. Please visit our “Participate” link to see which studies are currently recruiting and to find out more about participating in research.

Q: How do I become a participant?
A: Visit the “Participate” page and follow instructions for the specific studies listed.

Q: How can I work in the lab?
A: The OU Motor Control Lab is staffed by various professionals such as lab assistants, lab technicians, interns, and graduate assistants. Open positions are listed in the main Ohio University job listings here (link).

Q: Can I observe lab testing?
A: Lab observations are available on a limited basis. Please contact Dr. Jim Thomas if you are interested in observing.

Q: How can I collaborate with the MCL?
A: Contact Dr. Jim Thomas if you are interested in collaborating with the OU Motor Control Lab.



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