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2009 Award Winners
2008 Award Winners

Our students are continuing an OHIO tradition of winning nationally competitive awards, which academically speaking is like winning Olympic gold.

This site profiles some of our award-winning students. Many other OHIO scholars are competing for and winning honors from organizations across the nation. For an expanded listing and additional information, please visit the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards Web site.

As our academic community works together to build on a 200-year legacy of excellence, we salute the outstanding achievements of our students and the dedicated faculty members who support them in their remarkable endeavors.

Congratulations—you make us all very proud!

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2009 Award Winners

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/Almasude_Eden  

Goldwater Scholarship 

Eden Almasude

An outstanding sophomore, Eden received a 2009 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention.


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Fulbright Award 

Elizabeth Atwell
Elizabeth earned her bachelor’s in theater performance in 2004 and has been the artistic director of Factory Street Studio for the past two years. With her Fulbright, she will study dance styles and technique of the country of Georgia. She also hopes to gain insight into the local culture and the function dance serves in various communities. In addition to pursuing the Fulbright program, Elizabeth graduated magna cum laude and participated in the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She would like to carry her research into a master’s degree program, working with dance, choreography, and anthropology.      

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/DropBox/Austin_Anthony  

Fulbright Award 

Anthony Austin
Anthony is a third-year doctoral student in experimental psychology from Franklin, Tennessee. He will use the Fulbright grant to conduct his dissertation research in Bern, Switzerland, where he will study with a leading researcher on the relationship between psychological stress and blood clotting. He hopes to pinpoint mechanisms linking acute psychological stress to acute coronary syndromes such as strokes and heart attacks. He would like to eventually acquire a professorship at a university that will allow him to split his time between teaching and carrying out research.      

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/Bacha_Emily  

Udall Scholarship 

Emily Bacha

Emily is a 2009 Morris K. Udall Scholarship winner, receiving a $5,000 award given to just 80 students nationwide. A native of Valley View, Ohio, Emily aspires to work in urban planning, helping city leaders to develop sustainability plans. Her environmental interests stem from her 2001 participation in a special program working with scientists in Alaska, and sharing those experiences with children worldwide. She says that opportunity transformed her appreciation for nature into a “passion for conservation and protection of world ecosystems.”      

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/Blischak_John  

Goldwater Scholarship 

John Blischak

John is one of only 278 students nationwide to receive a 2009 Goldwater Scholarship. He plans to pursue graduate study and obtain a Ph.D. in molecular biology. John found the inspiration for his career path through research he undertook at Ohio University with Eric Masson in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.


 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/little heads 5-27/Busch_Amy  

Fulbright Award 

Amy Busch
A native of Hamler, Ohio, Amy is a senior majoring in health communication with a certificate from the Global Leadership Center and the Teaching English as a Foreign Language program. Her Fulbright grant to South Korea will give her the opportunity to teach conversational English classes and study the Korean language.      

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/Honoree  

French Government Teaching Assistantship 

Amanda Catron
A senior from Dublin, Ohio, Amanda works as a resident assistant and East Green office assistant for the Department of Residence Life. In addition to majoring in French, she is pursuing a minor in linguistics and a certificate in international studies (Europe).      

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/DropBox/Grams_Nicole  

Hollings Scholarship 

Nicole Grams
A sophomore from Mentor, Ohio, Nicole serves as secretary for the synchronized skating team; resident assistant in Residential Housing; secretary for Gamma Theta Upsilon, the National “ Newswatch,” and student advisor for Bobcat Student Orientation. She plans to use her knowledge and understanding of the weather to inform and protect the public.     

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/DropBox/Higgins_Megan  

Austrian Ministry of Education Teaching Assistantship 

Megan Higgins
A 2008 Ohio University graduate from Vandalia, Ohio, Megan will use her scholarship to become fluent in the German and learn more about Austria and its culture. Her degree in history and minor in German will be of daily benefit as she gains valuable experience teaching in two Austrian schools. She is a member of Ohio University’s Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor society.     

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/little heads 5-27/Hohe_Marcus  

German Academic Exchange Service Undergraduate Scholarship 

Marcus Hohe
A junior from Galloway, Ohio, Marcus is a member of Delta Phi Alpha, the National German Honor Society. His career goal is to earn graduate degrees in German studies and linguistics and work in the translation field or teach English in Germany.      

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/little heads 5-27/Krasteva_Lilia  

Philanthropic Educational Organization Scholarship 

Lilia Krasteva
A graduate student from Sofia, Bulgaria, Lilia also is a volunteer for the Ohio Valley International Council, in Athens from January to March. She is teaching Italian during spring quarter and will serve as a peer advisor for new graduate students next year. Her goal is to work as a development practitioner who helps people understand poverty and create income-earning opportunities for them. She also hopes to change the way multilateral organizations support developing countries, by pushing for a more people-oriented approach.      

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/little heads 5-27/Logan_Lauren  

Tau Beta Pi Record Scholarship 

Lauren Logan
A senior from Rutland, Ohio, Lauren has served as president of Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honor society; president of Eta Kappa Nu, an electrical engineering honor society; and president of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, an earth sciences honor society. She was a member of the winning senior design team in the electrical engineering-computer science 3 category at the 2009 Ohio University Research and Creativity Fair as well as a Robe Scholar and a Cutler Scholar. She was the 2007 Outstanding Junior in Electrical Engineering and is a past president of Students Teaching About Racism in Society (STARS). She also received the Pepsi Leadership Award.      


Fulbright Award 

Bailey Miles
A senior biology and Spanish major from Athens, Ohio, Bailey will use his Fulbright award to participate in health research in Spain. He hopes to enhance his research and language skills so that he will be better equipped to treat patients, especially Spanish-speakers, both in the U.S. and abroad. Eventually, he would like to become a physician and contribute to translational research with clinical applications. In addition to his studies, Bailey has volunteered at Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare and participated in Ohio University’s cycling club and student senate.     

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/Minarchek_Matt  

Fulbright Award 

Matthew Minarchek
A native of Cambridge, Ohio, Matthew is a master’s student in Southeast Asian studies. He hopes to highlight the effects of rural energy development on small communities in Indonesia. He would like to eventually teach anthropology, development, and Southeast Asian studies at the university level. In addition to participating in the Fulbright scholarship, he has completed and successfully defended his master’s thesis and conducted ethnographic field research in three rural Indonesian communities during the summer of 2008.     

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/Shea_Molly  

Udall Scholarship 

Molly Shea
A junior from Delaware, Ohio, Molly received a 2009 Morris K. Udall honorable mention, a $350 award. Molly is a member of the Ohio Student Environmental Coalition, Student Sierra Club, and the Green Network.     

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/Honoree  

Fulbright Award 

Angela Shoemaker
A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Angela is a master’s student in visual communication. She will use her Fulbright grant to work on a photographic documentary project in the Netherlands. This documentary, about Muslim youth culture and integrations within Dutch society, will serve as her master’s project. Her long-term goals include working on documentary projects that bring attention to underrepresented issues in the international media with the hope of increasing people’s understanding of global events.      

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/little heads 5-27/Smith_Joel  

French Government Teaching Assistantship 

Joel Smith
A senior from Albany, Ohio, Joel has been safety officer of the Ohio University Duello Fencing Club, chapter president of the Society of Physics Students, co-founder and president of the Natural Ohio University Barbershop Singers, and a member of Shire of Dernehealde (local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism). His career goal is to earn a graduate degree and become an educator at the high school or college level.     

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/little heads 5-27/So_Farina  

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund Scholarship 

Farina So
A graduate student from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Farina took part in Hannah Fink’s documentary film “Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge” and will participate in the Khmer Studies Forum this summer. Her career goal is to become an oral historian and womens activist.     

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/DropBox/Thompson_Beth  

Boren National Security Education Program (NSEP) Scholarship 

Beth Thompson
A junior from Strongsville, Ohio, Beth will use her NSEP/Boren scholarship to become fluent in Russian while studying at St. Petersburg State University in Russia. This opportunity represents a significant step toward her career goal of working in International Security Studies in the U.S. or abroad. As part of the NSEP scholarship, she will work in national security with the federal government for a minimum of one year. She is a 2008–09 Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholar; board member of Delta Phi Alpha, a German honors society; member of Golden Key International, an international honors society; executive board member of service organization, Circle K International; and vice president of Newman Community, a Catholic student organization.     

 /Users/brianstemen/Desktop/ONCA stuff/Chelsea-Toy  

Howard National Collegiate Reporting Award 

Chelsea Toy
A junior from Apollo, Pennsylvania, Chelsea has complemented her journalism major with additional coursework in African American Studies and Swahili. Her Roy W. Howard National Collegiate Reporting Award will provide a 13-day, all-expenses paid trip to Japan and South Korea. During the trip, she will network with media professionals and learn more about the history and culture of the countries.      

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