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Ohio University Athens Campus

from Columbus, OH, Airport

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Street Addresses for GPS
Most Ohio University buildings do not have street addresses. To help GPS systems or various online services provide you with driving directions, you may use any of these addresses, all of which are in Athens, OH, on the Athens campus:

  • 35 Park Place

  • 3 President Street

  • 135 South Green Drive

  • Intersection of Court Street and Union Street

From the Columbus, OH, Airport

As you leave the airport, get onto I-270 South (it may be marked "Wheeling," because that direction takes you toward the I-70 interchange). You will travel approximately 10 miles on I-270. As you approach the I-70 interchange, I-270 splits into two sets of lanes. It does not matter which set you take, but the left set has less merging traffic, so is usually a bit faster. If you take the right set, stay to the left, so that you don't get forced onto I-70.

Immediately after the I-70 interchange, the two sets of lanes re-merge. Once that has settled out, change lanes toward the right, so that you will be positioned to take US-33 East, Exit 46 B (the second off-ramp at the I-270/US-33 interchange). You will travel on US-33E for approximately 67 miles from I-270 to get to Athens.

Fourteen miles from I-270 you will reach the exit for Business US-33 through the city of Lancaster. Business US-33 encounters numerous traffic lights, but provides access to motels, gasoline filling stations, and restaurants. The Lancaster bypass is now open, and unless you need those services, we do advise that you use the bypass, staying on US-33 instead of taking the Business Route exit as you approach Lancaster. (If you take the Lancaster bypass, it will likely take about one hour to get to Athens from just North of Lancaster.) Continue on US-33 East past Logan and Nelsonville (the Nelsonville bypass is now also open).

After Nelsonville, as you approach Athens, pass the first OH-682 exit (for "The Plains"). If there is a stop sign at the end of the OH-682 off-ramp, you have taken the exit for The Plains; get back on the highway and follow the directions in the next paragraph.

After US-33 E joins US-50 W and OH-32 W in Athens, take Exit 17, for OH-682 N. There is a traffic circle ("roundabout") at the end of the off-ramp. Traffic entering the circle must yield to traffic already in the circle:

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