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Charles William Super, Ph.D., LL.D.,1842-1939

Eighth President of Ohio University, 1884-1896; 1899-1901

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Native of Pennsylvania and educated at Dickinson College, Tuebingen University (Germany), Illinois Wesleyan, and Syracuse, Dr. Super came to the presidency at age 41 from his professorship of Greek at the University. In 1885 the first annual appropriation of money was received from the state legislature and the first African-American, John R. Blackburn, joined the Board of Trustees. In 1886 a normal department (teacher training) was established with state support. The first course in pedagogics was introduced in 1888, and in 1890 the athletic field was purchased (now the site of Walter Hall and Bicentennial Park, for many years this was the site of the Trautwein Field baseball park). Faculty members instituted private summer sessions in 1892. In 1893 the Civil War Monument on the green was completed. The first college choir was organized in 1894-95. The first known international student, Saki Taro Murayama of Japan, graduated in 1895. The commercial course was instituted to meet the increasing demands of the business world for college-trained people. Between his two terms Dr. Super continued teaching and traveled in Europe. With income sources more promising and the new Ewing Hall providing major new facilities and amenities, prospects for the future were positive. To make room for Ewing Hall, the Chapel Building was moved to behind Cutler Hall and turned into a library. By 1900 there were at least 30 women attending the University.

Following his resignation, Dr. Super became professor of Greek and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, positions from which he resigned in 1907. He continued his residence in Athens following his retirement.

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