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William Henry Scott, A.M., LL.D.,1840-1937

Seventh President of Ohio University, 1872-1883

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Native of Athens County and educated at Ohio University, Dr. Scott came to the presidency at age 32 from his professorship of philosophy at the University, the first alumnus to attain the presidency. He was an ordained Methodist minister. Active in seeking direct financial support from the state legislature, he obtained funds to refurbish the buildings, to build a chapel building, and to improve the grounds. The first state funds were used to repair Cutler Hall. During his term a teacher training course was introduced, a degree was awarded a woman for the first time, and a woman faculty member (Miss Cynthia Weld) was employed in 1882.

The University's rival to the North, originally named the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College (now O.S.U.) opened in 1873 just after Miami University closed down for twelve years and the whole Hocking valley suffered a terrible flood. In 1879 the libraries of the Literary Society and the College were merged into a central library. In 1880 President Scott began a campaign to have Ohio, Miami, and Ohio State universities combined. In 1883 he resigned and was named president of Ohio State University.

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