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James Irvine, A.M., 1793-1835

Second President of Ohio University, 1822-1824

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After extensive searches, no portrait or signature of Irvine has ever been found.

Native of New York and educated at Union College, Professor Irvine moved to the presidency from his professorship of mathematics at the University which he had assumed the previous year. He had been on his way to a position in Kentucky when, passing through Athens, he was asked to take a position at the University. Only a year into his tenure he took a leave on account of ill health. He was presiding when Rufus Putnam, one of the founders of the University, donated a valuable collection of books and it was decided admonition of students for disciplinary problems was not working so fines, not to exceed five dollars, were instituted. In 1823 the Trustees recommended the establishment of a medical college and a botanical garden: the former had to wait over 150 years and the latter no longer exists. Irvine never returned, finally resigning the presidency in 1824.

He continued in the ministry following retirement only reaching 43 by the time he died. (No portrait or signature is known to exist of Irvine.)

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