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Isaac Crook, D.D.., LL.D., 1833-1916

Ninth President of Ohio University, 1896-1898

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Native of Ohio and educated at Ohio Wesleyan University, Dr. Crook came to the presidency at age 63 from the chancellorship of Nebraska Wesleyan University and before that the presidency of the University of the Pacific. He was a Methodist minister noted for his skills as a teacher, lecturer, and writer. He was active in the recruitment of students by making numerous promotional trips. Dr. Crook placed great emphasis on library acquisitions including the addition of fifty volumes from the "Coonskin Library." An enhancement of faculty rights came with the fourteen department heads combining as a Faculty Senate. In 1896-97 the Ohio University Mirror (first campus newspaper) was established. Crook's administration, however, was so noted for the disharmony between faculty and administration that he lost the confidence of the Trustees and the Athens newspaper and acceded to calls for his resignation after only two years in the office.

He continued in the ministry following his resignation.

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