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Harry B. Crewson, Ph.D., 1913-2003

Seventeenth President of Ohio University, 1974-1975

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Educated at the College of Wooster and Ohio State University, Dr. Crewson moved to the presidency from his 25 year professorship of economics. He was responsible for the organization of the Ohio University Employees Credit Union in 1955. He also mediated several disputes between the University and its unions as well as the city and its employees, ending or averting strikes. Prior to 1974 Dr. Crewson served as an Athens County Commissioner and had been elected president of the Athens City Council six times during which time he initiated an annual craft fair and saw the voters pass the first city income tax. He was elected by the Trustees to serve for the interim from September 1, 1974, until the Presidential Search Committee's efforts resulted in the election and installment of a permanent president, which occurred exactly one year later. Dr. Crewson brought a deliberate, yet forthright approach to issues. Intensive construction projects continued on the regional campuses. On the Athens campus, where enrollment continued to decline, considerable progress was made on a budget stabilization plan. This effort was aided by reduced tensions and stress nationwide and on campus. In 1975 (after waiting 152 years) Ohio University finally got its medical college, the state's first osteopathic medical school.

Upon completion of his term, Dr. Crewson returned to his department as Trustee Professor of economics, the second person to be so honored with this title.

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