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Voigt Hall

Location and Current Use

Voigt Hall is located in the North Green, at coordinates H-3 on the campus map. It is marked as # 34 on the map.

Voigt Hall is a residence hall.

Residence Services provides more detailed information on line.

History of Building

Voigt Hall was built in 1954 and used as a residence hall that originally housed 150 female students.

Irma E. Voigt

Voigt Hall was named in honor of Irma Voigt. A native of Quincy, IL, she was educated at Illinois State Normal University, receiving her undergraduate degree. She received her doctorate degree at the University of Illinois in 1913. She served as a a principal and Latin department head before coming to Ohio University as the Dean of Women, serving the university for 36 years from 1913 - 1949. She attended Oxford summer school for American University Women in 1932, and was a delegate to the International Federation of University Women, which met in Edinburg, Scotland. She was a member of the National Association of Deans of Women and American Council of Guidance and Personnel Associations. She was instrumental in establishing student government at Ohio University and establishing a Red Cross auxiliary on campus, being the first university auxiliary in the nation. She authored several books, among them, Life and Works of Mrs. Teresa Robinson, Deans at Work, Undergraduates, and Housing College Students.

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