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The Original Trautwein Field

Location and Current Use

The original Trautwein Field was located across Richland Avenue from the Convocation Center, at coordinates F-5 on the campus map. The former infield and left field are now the Bicentennial Park, and the former right field and center field are now the location of Walter Hall.

The new Trautwein Field in Bob Wren Stadium is now the home of the Ohio University "Bobcat" Men's Baseball team. All of the home baseball games are played there.

History of the Field

The original Trautwein Field was built in 1959, between Grover Center and Peden Stadium. Trautwein Field was moved to the Bob Wren Stadium on the Athletic Fields adjacent to West Green in 1998; 1997 was the last season that the baseball team played in the original Trautwein Field, which is shown in the photo, above, looking from the Convocation Center.

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