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Shively Hall


Shively Hall is located in the East Green, at coordinates I-5 on the campus map. It is marked as # 54 on the map.

Residence Services provides more detailed information online.

History of Building

Built in 1956, Shively was dedicated in February 1957. Located at the foot of Mulberry Street hill, its cafeteria was equipted to serve 1500 students. The residence hall originally housed 241 students.

Earl Branston Shively

Shively Dining Hall was named in honor of Earl Branston Shively. A native of Vinton County, OH, he attended school in Vinton County and was a 1921 graduate of Ohio University. He received his law degree from Ohio State University. He served as a captain in World War I and was an interpreter at the Versailles Peace Conference. He taught French At Ohio State University and practiced law in Columbus. He was on the Board of Trustees at Ohio University where he was very dedicated to the university. He also was a general council for the Ohio Railroad Association.

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