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Brown Hall

Location and Current Use

Brown Hall is a residence hall located in the South Green, at coordinates J-6 on the campus map. It is marked as # 69 on the map.

Brown Hall houses a computer lab.

History of Building

Built in 1966, the residence hall originally housed 284 students. It has a capacity of 267 people, with 7 single rooms, 15 double rooms, 17 triple rooms and 43 quadruple rooms.

Residence Services provides more detailed information on line.

Archibald Brown

Brown Hall was named in honor of Archibald Brown. He was one of Athens County's earliest settlers, graduating from Ohio University in 1822. He was a member of the Board of Trustees and librarian at the university. He established the first newspaper in Athens County, the "Athens Mirror and Literary Register." He was a charter member of the Athenian LIterary Society. He practiced law in the county, was elected county recorder, presided as judge of the 8th district, and served as a member of a state constitutional convention. In 1859, he organized Ohio University's Alumni Association. His commitment to the University is illustrated in his 50 years of membership and service with the Board of Trustees.

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