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Brough House

Location and Current Use

Brough House is a residence hall located in the South Green, at coordinates K-5 on the campus map. It is marked as # 126 on the map.

Residence Services provides more detailed information on line.

History of Building

Brough House was built in 1969 and used as a residence hall for students. It was originally known as South Green building number 5.

John Brough

Brough House was named in honor of John Brough. A native of Marietta, OH, he started to school at Ohio University at the age of14 and completed in three years. He later went to law school and became a distinguished attorney. He founded the "Cincinnati Enquirer " newspaper. He served as a trustee of Ohio University for 3 years. He served in the Ohio House Representatives from 1838-1839; was State Auditor from 1839-1845; and was Governor of Ohio from 1864-1865, dying in office. He was remembered for kicking a football over the top of the "College Edifice" (now known as Cutler Hall) while a student.

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