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Academic Support Unit Program Review

[ Review and Renew ]

Ohio University’s Academic Support Unit Program Review – a Vision Ohio strategic planning initiative – is jointly sponsored by Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Pam Benoit, and the Vice President for Finance & Administration. The purpose of the review and renew program is to provide a consistent, robust and transparent way to continuously improve the quality of all services within the University community. 


The program incorporates features common to both an academic accreditation review and to world-class quality improvement frameworks.  It is intended to aid non-academic departments, their leaders and customers in continually assessing and benchmarking levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Reviews consist of distinct assessment cycles which emphasize action and accountability.  The cycles of the process incorporate internal and external review teams as well as groups of unit stakeholders and customers.


The University’s Academic Support Units – which include all functional areas that do not undergo an academic accreditation process – will be regularly reviewed as part of an ongoing two-year review and renew cycle and serves as an avenue for achieving and sustaining academic and service excellence throughout the University.


For an overview of the process, see Program Review document.



“Ohio University holds as its central purpose the intellectual and personal development of its students … Our academic support services exist to serve the academic mission:  they should be effective, efficient and continually improving.”

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