Ohio University

Information About Textbooks

What About Books?

It is important to note that Ohio University does not have its own bookstore. If you want to obtain your books before coming to campus it is suggested that you access the course offerings webpage through the University Registrar to get a listing of the books for each course.

Look at each local bookstore's website to see if the department/course & section of your particular class is listed. Once you have the information about your books you are free to purchase a textbook anywhere you choose (not necessarily through one of the local bookstores).

Many students wait to confirm schedules and get the class syllabus from the professor on the first day of classes. Whatever you decide, you can visit the bookstores when you arrive on campus. All of them offer extended hours during move-in weekend so that students will have the opportunity to have their books before classes begin.

If you cannot find a particular course listed through any of these sites, it could be that a book is not required for that course. You may want to email your professor to verify.