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A Typical Bobcat Battalion Cadet Week

As a Bobcat Battalion cadet/student, you will be part of a small fellowship of OU students who have committed themselves to National Service, in training to be Soldier/Leaders. Our freshman cadets begin their academic lives as part of the Army ROTC Learning Community, living together in Tiffin Hall (OU East Green). You and your fellow cadets will meet three mornings per week for physical training, and every Wednesday you will “show your colors” by wearing the Army ACU uniform to class. This chart shows what the normal expectation is for a cadet. Each cadet will take ONE military science class per week and attend Leadership Lab on Wednesday and Physical Training on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
0615 Physical Training 0630 Remedial PT 0615 Physical Training 0615 Physical Training 0630 Remedial PT
0900 Junior Class 0900 Senior Class
1000 Freshman Training 1000 Freshman Training 1000 Sophomore Class
1100 Freshman Training 1100 Freshman Training
No Classes
1300 Sophomore Class 1300 Sophomore Class 1300 Freshman Class 1300 Junior Class
1500 Leadership Lab

As a student/cadet, you will find that there is, literally, an “Army” of students, cadre members, and academic experts standing by to ensure your academic experience at OHIO University is the best it can be. Your college grades play a huge role in determining your future in the Army after graduation. So the Bobcat Battalion is set-up with that in mind. Our priority for you as a cadet/student is:

  1. Ensuring you do well in class: Grades/GPA
  2. Physical Fitness - The Bobcat Battalion prides itself in creating physically fit leaders. Our physical fitness program will set you up to “lead from the front” in all physical endeavors.
  3. Building your personal character over four years of college to mold you into being a moral and ethical leader of men and women.

Cadet Testimonials

  • Cadet Austin Wyant

    Cadet Austin Wyant
    "Individuals want to accomplish three things in their lives. Belong to a family, have a succesful life, and be happy. You can see it in the face of these cadets. We have already have all three." Cadet Austin Wyant
  • Cadet Ashley Pierce

    Cadet Ashley Pierce
    "Army ROTC at Ohio University has not only been an organization I am involved in, but has become my lifestyle. I can not imagine my college career without being a cadet. Being in ROTC I have had the opportunity to do many exciting things that the average college student has not. As an SMP cadet I got to attend Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training and become an MOS qualified soldier in the Ohio Army National Guard. I have gained the upmost respect from my fellow classmates and my professors at Ohio University. The thing I like the most about Army ROTC is that the focus is on you to excel as a student first. The program sets you up for success and gives you the resources to excel as a student while learning to become a knowledgeable officer in the United States Army. Finally, looking back to my freshman year to now my junior year, I have seen a significant increase in my confidence and ability to adapt and overcome in any situation. Being a cadet in Army ROTC, you are not just a number on the "team." You are an individual with many "cheerleaders" and "coaches" wanting you to become the best you can be!" Cadet Ashley Pierce
  • Cadet Grant Perry

    C/LTC Grant Perry
    "Being a part of the OU Army ROTC Battalion is like being a part of a family. There are the ups and downs to it, but just like your family it will prepare you for the rest of your life." C/LTC Grant Perry
  • Cadet Gwen Storch

    Cadet Gwen Storch
    "The friends you make in ROTC are like no other friends. They will do anything for you and you would do anything for them. They are irreplaceable and you know that they will be your friends for life. You may think you made good friends in high school, but when you meet the people in ROTC it's different. You're bonded by the fact that you all have made a similar promise, to do what it takes to defend our country, and you're in this together. You have each others back. They're the best friends you'll ever have." Cadet Gwen Storch