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Ohio Injection Wells Panel Discussion April 25, 2012

X-Injection Wells Panel 2012

The two-hour video is online.

Panel on health threats, including possible pollution of local supplies of clean water for drinking, irrigation, etc., due to disposal of liquid toxic fracking wastes in deep injection wells in Athens County, Ohio.

Co-sponsored by the Athens County Fracking Action Network.

The speakers included:

  1. Natalie Kruse (professor of Environmental Studies, Ohio University), hydrogeochemical engineer at Ohio University with over fifteen years of experience in reclamation, monitoring and water quality assessment of abandoned coal mines.
  2. Teresa Mills, Ohio organizer and representative for the Ohio Center for Health, Environment, and Justice.
  3. Elisa Young, OU School of Journalism graduate, founder of the grassroots group Meigs Citizens Action Now, and staff researcher for local attorney Don Wirtschafter focusing on oil and gas issues including regulation and permitting of injection wells.