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Members of the Appalachian Learning Community (2006-2008):

Anna Addington
Campus Life
355 Baker University Center
Phone: 593-4025
Email: addingto@ohio.edu

Jim Addington
PhD Student
Cultural Studies
12303 Strouds Run Rd
Athens, OH  45701
Email: ja975703@ohio.edu

David Bower, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Middle Childhood Education
209 A McCracken Hall
Phone: 597-3024
Email: bowerd@ohio.edu

Sharon Denham, Ph.D.
Professor, Health and Human Services
School of Nursing
E365 Grover Center
Phone: 740-593-4499
Email: denham@ohio.edu

Frans Doppen, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Middle Childhood Education, Social Studies Education
207 McCracken Hall
Phone: 740-593-0254
Email: doppen@ohio.edu

Gary Ginther
Fine Arts Librarian
3rd Floor, Alden Library
Phone: 593-2664
Email: ginther@ohio.edu

Merle Graybill
Director of University Outreach
Vice-President, University Outreach and Regional Campuses
102 Haning Hall
Phone: 593-2526
Email: graybill@ohio.edu

Mickey Hart
Assistant Director of Campus Life for the
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Programs Center
354 Baker Center
Phone: 740.593-0239
Email: hartm@ohio.edu

Bob Klein, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
558 Morton Hall
Phone: 740-597-2712
Email: bob@math.ohiou.edu

Susan Knoer
Librarian and Archivist
504 Alden
Email: knoer@ohio.edu

Margaret Manoogian, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Child and Family Studies
Grover W345
Phone: 740-593-2874
Email: manoogia@ohio.edu

Loraine McCosker
Environmental Consultant
Phone: 740-589-4070
Email: mccoskerl@yahoo.com

Sarah McGrew, BSN, RN
Manager, Clinical and Community Experiences
Adjunct Instructor, Social Medicine
Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine

334 Grosvenor Hall
Athens, OH  45701
PH:  (740) 593-2518
FAX: (740) 593-2161
Email:  mcgrew@ohio.edu

Wendy Merb-Brown, M.Ed.
Director, Learning Community Programs
140 Chubb Hall
Phone:  740-593-9895
E-mail:  merbw@ohio.edu

Karen E. Remsberg, PhD, MSPH
Assistant Professor, Social Medicine
College of Osteopathic Medicine
311 Grosvenor Hall
Phone: 740-593-4616
Email: remsberg@ohio.edu

Lawrence "Woody" Wood, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, School of Information and Telecommunication Systems
School of Telecommunications
286 Lindley Hall
Phone: 740-593-4915
Email: WoodL@ohio.edu

Jack Wright
Assistant Professor, Film
327 Lindley Hall
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740-597-3080
Email: jwright@ohio.edu

Members of the Appalachian Faculty Learning Communtiy (2004-2005)

Members of the Appalachian Faculty Learning Communtiy (2003-2004)