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Currently, no central reservoir or network is available at Ohio University to contain information about Appalachia or those who have expertise related to various topical areas. Little has been mapped about the extent of resources and interests at OU in topics related to Appalachia. The Appalachian ALC is developing a web page that can become a repository for this information and investigating ways to address the teaching and learning needs associated with Appalachia at Ohio University.
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The Appalachian Learning Community (ALC) is comprised of persons knowledgeable about, and/or interested in learning more about, Appalachia. The group is investigating broad topics associated with teaching and learning in and about Appalachia. Participants are not only interested in learning more about Appalachia, but want to explore ways what is learned can be implemented.

The ALC members also want to assist others in the broader university community to appreciate needs and resources distinct to the Appalachian region. This website provides information about the Appalachian Learning Community – its member and its activities .

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the group's facilitators:

Dr. Sharon Denham
Professor of Nursing


Dr. Frans Doppen
Associate Professor of Education


"Learn from this article and others about the issues around Mountaintop Removal mining."

Ravaging Appalachia

Give the Bush administration credit for persistence. It just wont let a bad idea die. On Friday, the Interior Departments Office of Surface Mining proposed new regulations that it hopes will permanently legalize mountaintop mining a cheap, ruthlessly efficient, environmentally destructive means of mining coal from the mountains of Appalachia. More...